• Coffeeinthemornin3:02
  • Night Train 2015 2:26
  • NEUTRAL GROUND Hughes, Beaumont & Morley4:39
  • SwampJazz and Abilene Live Performance 2015 Beaumont, Hughes and Morley8:17
  • Live The Neutral Ground Beaumont, Hughes & Morley4:39
  • Ride The Wave2:56
 ​​                              Welcome to:
                     Coffee in the Mornin' with Mike & Syd

    Q:   Who are Mike and Syd?
    A:   Two singer/songwriters who appreciate the

           beauty of well written songs and the artists
           who deliver them.
      We write and perform original music and jingles.
      We're a 1-stop shop for fully produced commrercials  
   Q:  Is this site about coffee?    
   A:  Coffee in the Mornin' is the title to one our songs.

                        (on the audio player above)  
  The site is all about songs: Words, Music & Stories 
      As often as we can, we have the good fortune to
      interview the Nations Top Singer/Songwriters!
      You may not have seen them perform but you've
      probably heard their talent performed by
      others!  Here's your chance to hear them now!

   LISTEN Daily @ 1030 a.m. on www.letsliveradio.com!


Performance Videos 


The Neutral Ground

Sydney and Mike

Steal My Identity


Scoots Nola


More Videos

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Performance Videos

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Little Miss Muffin

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